World War II items
Franklin Civil War Relics:  WWII
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Let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for from this era.  
All these items are guaranteed original from the period .
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  Wanted German Me 109 tail section from crashed plane
Just acquired from Vets family.  P-38 holster dated 1942.  All stitching
is tight and clean.  Inside release strap present.  Maker stamp and
P38 stamped on reverse.  Leather is in excellent condition.  Displays
with the best and will compliment your pistol.
WWII German cufftitle for Allegemeine-SS Standarte 11.  Has double
RZM tags.  Perfect
WWII German cufftitle for  Allgemeine-SS Standarte 9 with double RZM
tags.  Excellent
Great grouping directly from the Vets family.  Capture papers stating
Luger serial number 4448, Set of binoculars, and a silver knife, which
is an Adolph Hitler formal pattern fish knife.  This all came back in
1945 as identified on capture papers.  Luger is at least a 95% gun
with matching numbers throughout.  Excellent grips and finish on this
one. Clip is included,  Not numbered to gun.  Formal
pattern AH is in very good condition with hardly any wear.  Binoculars
are Zeiss and include case with is dated 1936 and stamped on case.  
Leather is excellent.  Straps and eyepiece lens cover are present.  
Awesome documented grouping. More pictures available.
Very nice condition P38 1943 dated holster.  All stitching remains
intact and tight  Nice clear date and Waffenampt stamping on reverse
and large impressed P38.  Would make a nice addition to complete
your rig.

Rare and nice PPK side pouch holster.  Marked DRGM and AKAH on
inner flap.  Excellent condition and an item you hardly ever see.  Most
al PPK holsters have the magazine pouch on the front.   This is one of
the hardest to find.  You won't be disappointed.   Nice Vet bringback
that has not been offered before.
War Merit cross.  Local Vet purchase
War Merit cross with swords.   Vet purchase
Drop dead near mint SS buckle with 95% plus original paint.  You
would look hard to improve this one and if you have a good belt it
would be really nice.
Good original loading tool to complete your rig.  Often missing and
most rigs need this to complete the deal. Eagle 655 markings.  Nice
and original !
Beautiful Kreigsmarine dagger and hangers. This one will be hard to
improve upon.  Has beige handle free of chips, beautiful etched blade
with frosting, and pretty brass scabbard with one slight push not even
noticeable until you run your finger over it.  Acquired from Vets family
but no provenance.  The hangers are in perfect condition.  F Horster
is maker on this fine blade with no sharpening and sharp tip.
SS shoulder board.  Typical example with no RZM tag on reverse.  
Excellent condition. Local vet pick up.
Flat wire Eagle cut off tunic.  Really like these because they were not
surplus laying around..Actually off a uniform that was there.  Once
common and now getting harder to find on large pieces of uniform
cloth.  100% right.