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CS Staff Officer Shell Jacket.  Belonged to Edward Bryan of North Carolina.  
CS-5 buttons and in excellent condition.
Griswold Confederate revolver.  This most desireable Confederate revolver
was made by Griswold and is one of approximately 3600 guns produced. This
example is ser. number 2096 which dates it to a late 1863 manufacture.  
Probably Nov. of '63.  It has all matching numbers as well as secondary
numbers and all in the right places.  The wedge is not numbered.  The grip
displays nicely with nice edges and two notches
One of the best Nashville Plow Works cavalry swords around.  Nice bright
blade and earl;y casting.  Dent free Scabbard with most of original finish
remaining.  A centerpiece of any CS sword collection
Boyle & Gamble Staff and Field officer sword.  Probably one of the best 10%
in existence.  Has crisp etching you can read across the room with Battle flag
and CSA in a shield.  The grip is 100% original and has about 85% of the
leather remaining.  The original scabbard has no weak spots or tears and
displays all the brass mounts held on with pins as is correct.  
College Hill Cavalry Officer sword.  Much more scarce than the Nashville Plow
swords.  College Hill operated until Federal occupation of the City of Nashville
in the Spring of 1862.  Sword has great patina on brass and original leather
is about 85% intact.  100 % original wire.  Blade was lightly sharpened MANY
years ago and has a nice smooth grey color.  Has original scabbard and
common anti rattle dent.  
Haiman style Dog River cav. sabre.  One of the nicest Haiman's on the
market. Has 95% original grip, all original single wire and nice unbent guard.  
Blade has casting flaws as you want to see at the ricasso and a great flaw
midway down the blade.  Scabbard is dent free and has proper brass mounts
with iron throat and drag.  The broad lap seam is as nice as you could want
with heavy solder extending down the entire length.  The blade is greying and
has a magnificent look.
Battle coat of Theopolis Fontaine of Columbus Ga.  His father was 1st Mayor
of that city and this was discovered in 2002 in the St Elmo house in
Columbus.  His sister had moved this and 2 other coats form the family
mansion on River Rd upon her marriage.  Good thing.  The mansion burned
to the ground in 1939
Colonel Double breasted frock coat.  Not everyday this comes along.  Been
in my collection for quite awhile.  I've decided to try to stay focused on
Franklin items and a nice one has come along so this one goes.  Has light
mothing in a couple of places, but not bad and mentioned to be accurate.  
Nap is very good throughout.  One shoulder board remains.  Being sold
without belt or sash.  Larger size for War Between the States guys.
Confederate Officer.  Crystal clear and shows quatrafoil on sleeves.  Officer
has good look about himself and ready to go off to War.  Nice gutta percha
case with vivd green velvet on one side.  All clasps are as good as it gets.  
Really nice CS image.
Excellent condition CS cap box of russet brown leather.  Has typical single
belt loop and lead finial as we all like to see.  Comes from an old collection of
CS cap boxes.  The lead finial is firmly in place and the condition of the box is
a good 8 on a scale of 1-10.  All stitching is strong and it has the one piece
front with inner flap.
Louisana buckle with lead back.  Pelican feeding her young as nice as it
gets.  Good supple leather on belt.  Buckle shows wear on the breast  and
high places.  Comes out of a Richmond collection and will display with the
best of any buckles.
Rare CS cartridge box with tin.  Nice black leather box with lead finial and
correct one piece tin inside.  The top flap was cot off as often seen on CS
boxes.  Speculation has it the the top flap was removed for easy access or
leather for their shoes.  Old paper inside reads  Private Edward Kay  Co I  
Thirtieth Va.
Kerr revolver.  All original with nice overall aging patina.  JS anchor you can
see across the room.  All mechanics function properly and traces of blue and
case remain in protected areas.  Sure to go up in value, this is the most
affordable CS handgun you can own.
Ames Staff & Field.  Overall excellent condition with gilting remaining in
protected areas of guard and scabbard.  Original finish remains on scabbard
body with Ames MFG Chicopee Mass on top mount.  Etching is very strong
and has frosting remaining entire lenght of blade.  Grip is all original and
wrapped with nice tight wire.  One of the best I've seen in awhile at a good
Boyle & Gamble Staff & Field.  From the noted Virginia manufacturer of CS
swords.  Nice mellow patina on brass with CS and star on basket.  Appears to
be an old rewrap leather and single brass wire.  Blade has faint etching
remaining with spots of light pitting. Guard stamped with number 9 on
bottomside as correct.  Scabbard is not original but probably has been with
sword a long time as patina matches perfectly.  Great CS Officer piece
without spending a fortune...
1850 Foot officer presentation sword.  One of the nicest I've been able to
come accross in some time. Presentation reads
"Presented to Capt S. T. Walker by Attica Lodge No 33 I.O. of Attica Ind."  
Blade has some remains of frosting.
Shell jacket for Cavalry.  Has nice bright yellow piping and good blue wool
with nice nap to wool.  Jacket is fully lined with blue body lining and full sleeve
linings with beige color muslim.  Has all buttons along with pillows on back.  
Probably a St. Louis Arsenal coat.  Will add to any collection and help display
that cavalry collection.  Priced fairly at..........
Kenansville cav. sabre from this well known Confederate manufacturer.  Has
original leather grip which has shrunk from age with the original single iron
wire wrap.  Blade is as nice as you will find with grey to bright overall color as
CS blades go.  Has typical unstopped fuller.   Nice pleasing patina to guard
with nice sand casting on bottom of guard.  The small pommel and cast guard
identify this as a 1st model along with the scabbard.  Scabbard has much
original finish, now turned to maroon in color, especially between ring
mounts.  Has some dents but try to find one with original finish.  The mounts
are brass with a replaced throat, which is brass as correct.   Great chance at
an early manufactured CS sword from North Carolina
Roby 1850 Foot Officer presentation sword.  Comes in correct Roby
scabbard with brown leather coclor scabbard and highly decorated mounts.  
Was presented to "Capt Geo. I Tyson by the members of Co I 71st Reg
N.G.S.N.Y. July 29th 1863".  Has beautiful Roby etching on blade with US and
crossed flags on obverse. Also, as commion with Roby grapevines and floral
motif.  About 85% of frosting remains on this blade.  Ricasso marked C Roby
and Sons  W Chelmsford Mass.  The scabbard is strong and intact with highly
embellished mounts and drag.
Presented Model; 1850 Staff & field office sword.  Carried by Lt. Samuel
Richards.  Presentation reads "Presented to Lt S. Richards by Company A
129th Regt. Pa. Vols"  He served for one year and saw some major action.  
Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.  The unit took heavy
casualities at Fredericksburg and were in the heat of the action.  Has large
US in basket, original wire and wrap in very good condition.  Etching is clearly
visible on blade and displays nicely. Floral motifs and US on French made
blade.  Scabbard is gun metal grey and dent free.  Drag has a couple of
minor dings. Will go along nicely in any collection.
Beautiful 1850 Ames Foot Officer sword.  Blade is absolutely one of the best I
have seen for years.  Out of an old collection.  100% complete and original
rayskin grip with 100% original wire.  No flaws at all on the grip or guard.  
Guard has beautiful brass with gilding still present in areas.  Blade has Ames
etching at ricasso, with patriotic motifs throughout , and of course US on
reverse side.
1852 Id'ed Naval Officer sword.  Has "E B J Singleton" inscribed on blade.  
Singleton went in as Mate in 1862 and was later promoted to Ensign.  Sword
is completely original and has outstanding wrap on grip.  Blade displays
wonderful etching with much frosting remaining.  Id'ed Naval swords are
extremely rare and increasingly hard to find.  Scabbard is in excellent
condition with correct mounts.
Ambrotype of a Confederate soldier in sack coat.  Nice clear image and in a
full case.  Typical image of seated soldier and some color left on cheeks and
hands.  Has stand up collar on jacket and what appears to be a different
color on collar and cuffs.  One could only guess, but being a little darker
perhaps it was red for artillery.
Froelich Staff & Field.  Has 90% original wrap and only a couple of strands of
wire.  Great patina on guard and nice complete greying blade.  No scabbard
but a very nice hard to find CS Officer sword from a known maker.
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