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1860 Cavalry sabre made by Mansfield & Lamb.  It is dated 1864 and retains remaining original
leather and wire on grip.  Blade still displays cross brushing at ricasso and still has nice bright
finish overall.  It is much better than most you see at shows that have just turned grey and have
no luster.  Scabbard is complete and displays well.  

2nd Model Merrill carbine.  All original and functioning as it should.  Metal is turning dark on
barrel with a few dark spots that could be cleaned up.  Complete with saddle ring bar and ring.  
Cartouche is present and easily readable behind saddle bar.  Bore is average, wood has
soldier initials carved on one side and in good shape.  No cracks as so commonly seen on
these carbines.  Sub-serial numbers match on band and trigger guard.  US on buttplate.  Very
nice average condition Merrill.   
Officer sash .  Exactly what you need to dress up a sword collection or for your Officer coat .  
Minor nipping and excellent color.  One tassel looks better than the other as pictures show.  
Way above average sash with a good look and color.
WAY above average Starr carbine with about 50% blue turning to plum on barrel.  Finding
these well used carbines in this condition is becoming more difficult each year.  Has very nice
bore.  Both cartouches are present and accounted for.  Slight ding on wood at base of
buttplate where Starrs commonly have a ding. Not a game breaker.  Inspector marks on barrel
and in front of buttplate as is correct.  Clear marking on the metal.  Brass has nice patina.  
Action is crisp and functions as it should.  Overall I would give this a 7.5 on a 1 to 10.  Maybe
better but rather be conservative.
Excellent condition gilt officer's sword knot.  Perfect to finish off that pretty Civil War Officer's
Sword.  Completely correct for either Union or Confederate Officer's sword.
Bannerman surplus Enfield nipple protector.  Correct chain, new leather added inside.  Nice to
dress up your Enfield .
Nice Lined A dug button.  Local manufacture.  Chocolate patina and complete with shank.  Will
add nicely to any Artillery collection.
Standard size Wishbone buckle 3 3/4 by 2 1/2 inches.  Smooth brownish/green patina and
verbal provenance of Central Virginia.  Frame of buckle has no repair, however the backside of
wishbone had a small piece broken off and it has now been repaired solid.    Can't tell it has
ever had any work done at all but mentioned for accuracy.  
Not just an ordinary boxplate.  This one was dug by Sidney Kerksis and comes in his little brown
envelope that states where, when and what corps occupied the lines where dug.  This one is
from Cold Harbor and was dug by him in 1955.  Boxplate has both hooks remaining and has a
good face with one side a little bent in.  Left just as he found it over 60 years ago.  If you have
only a few plates this would be the centerpiece since it came from a pioneer of relic hunting and
dug a log long time ago.
Civil War period Enfield tompion.  Perfect piece so often missing and final touch to dress up
that Enfield on the wall. Brass top with original cork.  Complete and ready to add to muzzle.  
Used to keep dirt and moisture out of the barrel.  Void of any British markings as is correct for
CW usage.
Non-dug Dowler backmark CS Staff Officer button.  Aging patina with slight wear on the chest of
the eagle showing it was used.  Nice rare imported Staff button.
Very nice dark age patina on this US non-dug boxplate.  Maker marked Boy & Sons Boston.  
One hook is bent down but could gently be lifted to fit on your cartridge box needing a plate.  
Full lead and strong maker mark.
Pretty Eagle "A" coat button.  Lots of gilt.  Non-dug example and should be in  in any button
collection.  Horstman Allien backmark.
Nice brass shoulder scale complete and no repairs.  Dug many years ago at Chancellorsville.  
Purchased in the 70's from the Catlett Brothers.  Nice big brass pieces were found with the
earliest of detectors. Nice green patina.
Excellent condition non-dug W H Smith Brooklyn NY maker marked boxplate.  Still has much
original finish on front of Plate.  Nice plate that would enhance any fine condition cartridge box.
Very nice non-dug US boxplate.  Pleasing mellow patina on face.  Both hooks are strong as
would be expected.  Smooth lead back.  Nice on to add onto your cartridge box or display alone.